Research & Development

Beveling Machine Developing History

  • Exploration Stage from year 2007-2009 
  • Verification Stage on 2009
  • Extension stage since 2012
  • Improvement stage in 2013
  • Stabilization Stage from 2015
  • Innovation Stage since 2015

Our engineer learn and study technical from Japen, Euro, USA. Based on Euro beveling machine. We make up first generation beveling machine in 2009. Keep changing, developing, updating till now forth generation based on marketing requirements of energy saving, high efficiency and satefy.

Our Development Manager and General Manger  is on Interview by CCTV on ” 2017 Essen Welding and Cutting Fair in Shanghai”.

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Based on the technical of plate beveling machine, pipe beveling machine, pipe cold cutting and beveling machine. We get ” Patent Certificate” from China government in Shanghai City 2012.

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